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Visualized Meditation Benefits

Visualization mp3 Download

‘You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you’re going to live. Now.’
Joan Baez

What is Visualization?

What if you could see, feel and hear your goal or process of getting there so clearly?
What would that do for you?
How would it make you feel?


Visualization mp3 Download

Visualization is a process of mindfully focusing on something, usually an image, in your mind. The mind is power. If you can focus and hold on this image or situation by really seeing it, feeling it and hearing what is going on in your mind or outside of you, then you can begin to create it. Visualization is used successfully and frequently with athletes, performing artists, C-suite Executives and in other walks of life.

Some images could be,

  • Standing on the podium in 1st place,
  • Or giving a presentation at highly regarded conference,
  • Or securing a large project,
  • Or having lost 50kgs,
  • Or running a race,
  • Or a fully confident you
  • Or giving birth
  • And the list goes on

After you have visualized the end product of what you want – you can then develop strategies to get there and then visualize that as well – i.e. the process in detail.

What are the Visualization Mp3’s?

The guided visualization Mp3’s are a series of Mp3’s created for different areas of life and the content can be general or specific in nature. They start you off with the basics of visualization to teach you how to visualize then take you deeper in more specifics focused Mp3’s. Some of the different mp3’s are,

  • Basics of Visualization
  • Relaxation
  • Focusing on a Single point
  • Studying for Exams
  • Sports goals
  • Giving Birth
  • Presentations
  • Confidence

Kevin Cottam is the voice behind the mindful guided visualizations. His very calming voice can send you in a very focused and relaxed state of being that assists you on your journey for whatever you wish to do or be.

‘I benefit tremendously from VISUALIZATION. This helps me not only in stage time, but in other aspects. I have heard of visualization from other trainers, but thanks to Kevin’s Yoga and arts background as well as his experience of coaching athletes, he brings this visualization to a greater height.’
Terry Teng, Singapore