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Great Performances Start Within

‘To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, but also believe.’
Anatole France


Great Performance Mind Graph


What this speech is about.

What if you became consciously aware of the importance of your Mind Body Soul Set? What would this do for your performance in the workplace and life?

Great Performances start Within is an interactive story-telling keynote speech. Kevin start’s from exploring within – the mind body soul set of you as individuals and how that connection ripples energy towards developing teams, the whole organization and your clients or your audience. This is the MBSset energy your want to harness to create performance excellence.

To do this, you need to develop a robust, conscious, and curious Mind Body Soul Set – not just a mindset. In fact, your organization has it’s own mind body soul set. Did you ever thing of that? Excellence is integrating and connecting the combination of the MBSset of individuals with that of the organizations story or narrative.

What are these MBSset ingredients? Some of the main ingredients that lead to excellence are passion; vision; drive; skills; and the actions you take to get to your destination, goal or outcomes. Kevin will explore these through stories, examples and interactive exercises with the audience.

Kevin Cottam, Director and choreographer of large scale productions and to National, World, Olympic figure skating champions and competitors, believes it has become more and more obvious that reaching excellence and success in sports parallels itself with the success of Corporate and Public Sector ‘Athletes’ or ‘Performers.’

Length: 45-50 minutes

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