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Toastmasters / Speaking Testimonials

“Kevin is a clear and concise speaker that you won’t be able to take your eyes nor attention away from when he is speaking. A pleasure to hear and learn from”
Chen Hope Mi, Student

“You are a role model for the Toastmasters. You did your research well and crafted your message accordingly. That was both masterful and impressive!”
Tang, Li Chow, HR Director, Molex, Singapore

“Move to Captivate your Audience is amazing! Kevin has brought me on an experiential discovery of how words have feelings, how states of mind can be cultivated and most all, it is about balance from within to truly glow on the outside.”
Chrisitina Koh, President of Money Mastery TMC, Singapore

“I am amazed by observing how Kevin transfers all participants from non-experienced speakers to the master of the stage stance and movement. It is crucial to have a feeling for stage and Kevin show us the right way in short time. That’s the benefit to learn from a master.”
Terry Teng, Singapore

“I benefit tremendously from VISUALIZATION. This helps me not only in stage time, but in other aspects. I have heard of visualization from other trainers, but thanks to Kevin’s Yoga and arts background as well as his experience of coaching athletes, he brings this visualization to a greater height.”
Terry Teng, Singapore

“For almost two decades Kevin Cottam has had a tremendous impact on my development and success as a skater, artist, professional, coach and human being. Once again Kevin has inspired me through his presentation and made me become even more aware of how being connected is not only beneficial and essential to a figure skater, but more importantly to us all as humans. Without having the mind, body, spirit connection we limit our potential in all that we do.”
Curtis Chornopyski, Figure Skating Coach, Miami, Florida USA

“We had the pleasure of welcoming Mr Kevin Cottam to our show this morning. Kevin delivered a very appreciated performance talk to the entire cast. He spoke about the art of performance and motivated the cast to a level that changed the minds and souls of many of our performers. A true inspiration and we all greatly appreciated the hour that he was kind enough to share with us…”
Stuart McDonald, Performance Director, Disney on Ice ‘Let’s Celebrate’

“Thank you very much for speaking at our Vancouver Island Coaches Association – ICF Chapter AGM. At times an AGM can be a little dull however your presentation brought energy, laughter, and engagement. It was a wonderful way to close out our year! We have received some fantastic feedback from our members and I personally found your session very moving and inspiring. Your speaking style is full of warmth, humor, and wonderful stories of your life adventures. AHA click, click, click.”
Sherry LeBlanc, MCC CEC VI Coaches Association / ICF Chapter President 2011-2012