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Personal Testimonials

As clients move towards their excellence, here are some of the successes experienced through the coaching process.

“People are like keelless boats in turbulent waters. You bring to them the peaceful centre and wisdom to navigate close to shore.”
Blain Bovee, Astrologist

“You have the ability to reduce lots of information to its core problem, and then through asking some simple questions, allowing me to figure out the solution myself; involved without being judgmental.”
Koen Suidgeest, Producer/Director, El Rayo Films, Madrid Spain

“You have a creative approach (be it coaching, problem solving, speech, etc.), versatile experiences (i.e. maturity and life experience), and help people discover their own resources and potential”
Agnes Tarnai, Head of Unit, European Council

“Kevin is creative and inspiring to work with – you start somewhere and you go off on a journey of discovery together – you learn a lot. I think your background and the investment you have done in self-discovery which benefits others – you really walk your talk which is rare.”
LT-W, EU Commission, Brussels, Belgium

“I would recommend you to anyone who wants to explore their personal journey further, whether it be professionally or personally. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to learn, ask themselves questions and are willing to explore themselves and take part in the journey of process and discovery. I could recommend you to those who want a quick fix, but I don’t think it’s where you vibrate at your highest self. You want to accompany people on quests of self-discovery and you have an unquenchable appetite for patience and understanding with respect to others, all the while a determination to move forward. You are intuitive and watch for signs that are beyond verbal.”
Janet Logan, Facilitator and Coach, Toronto, Canada

“You make me feel good about myself and at ease, huge difficulties are reduced to manageable size, you facilitate my problem-solving potential and can make ‘scary steps’ look easy and feasible. You are a loyal and supportive friend, a good listener with a biiiiiiig heart and a broad smile.”
Agnes Tarnai, Manager, EU Council, Brussels, Belgium

“You bring many aha moments; you inspire with pearls of aha reflections; you have a very beautiful language (written and spoken).”
Atti Soernso, Meetings Magazine, Sweden