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Performances / Entertainment Testimonials

Jason Lee Presentation Skills Testimonial

“It has been my experience that communication within a creative group of individuals can be a stressful, ego centered and emotionally draining event. Kevin has the ability to tame the frustrated ego and make every member of the team feel empowered to rise above personal limitations to a common goal.”
Simone Alexander, Choreographer, Denver, Colorado

“I’ve been competing as a cyclist at an elite level for several years and just couldn’t break through a glass ceiling. I would get stuck in the moment and freeze when I should have been responding. Kevin helped me identify the blocking issues and work through it. I wasn’t sure how effective this would be, but consistent top 3 finishes over the last year have made me a believer.”
Joel Pennington, UCI Category 2 Elite cyclist

“Whenever I felt like I was loosing my center and I got lost in the ego, Kevin has helped to find the core, the truth behind the problem, and how to overcome it with guided meditations. After, I feel connected to the light within and the purpose is clear which is about giving love, beauty and peace.”
Yebin Mok, Professional Figure Skater, USA.

“I started thinking about Energia and the big personal transformation that I have experienced during those three years. You asked us how you want to feel at our very last performance of Energia. I also remember that you talked about change that we will go true during those 3 years. At first i always thought you just meant change that would happen to the show and how the show would improve with each show. But later on I started realizing that the show not only changed because of repetition, but because of change that every single person was going through. I want to thank you for giving me this lesson in life. That it is important to see the change that is constantly happening and to learn from all these experiences in a positive sense.”
Madelene van Beuzekom, Professional Skater ‘Energia’, The Netherlands

“I just wanted to tell you that you have been an inspiration to me throughout my life. Your creativity and passion always drives me to try to do a better job while coaching. I would like to thank you for exposing me to your world of Theatre on Ice and to let you know I still enjoy every second I get to create. It is the most enjoyable part of skating for me and I am truly grateful for all the time I spent with you.”
Cindy Shaw Savage, Figure Skating Coach, Alberta, Canada

“I want you to know that one day you changed my life to the better, giving some beautiful experience of edge class , and I’m so thankful to you for that … Also you gave me so much encourage and strength when I needed to step up in my life to a different level … I still use that experience and knowledge and people are wondering where it comes from , and I don’t forget to tell then that there was one of the greatest choreographers I’ve ever met and his name is Kevin Cottam !!!!!!”
Igor Loutikov, International Figure Skating Choreographer, Coach and Agent, Moscow, Russia