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Organizational Testimonials

Helen Sheirbon, Coaching Testimonial

“You are genuinely concerned by people leading, much more than by file management…? And you are ready to take up the challenge to bond with people, to foster talents and get away from directing and allocating resources…? Then you should take the risk to start a journey which will lead you to deeply connect with the most important person in this process … YOU! It will not be a comfortable and sunny summer stroll, it will be an adventure where behaviours, reflexes, interest, knowledge acquired over years and years will be questioned and challenges, a lot of things will be opened up, at times it will be chaotic, frustrating, destabilizing, in the same way explorers feel when diving into unknown territory. That’s why they rely on a guide.

Kevin is my guide for the journey to myself, to my place of inner silence. For me, it’s most probably the most passionate journey in a lifetime, the one which will have an impact on all other journeys I’ll undertake and on what I’ll get out of them, for myself and for others. Kevin guides me to my inner values and beliefs, helps me to understand how our ever changing life and environment also impacts on the ME BEING.

Today, my mind is fully open to meditation and I offer myself the time and the space I need to generate the inner silence and the peace to allow me TO BE, to be with me and with others, but also to allow others TO BE with me – it’s so far away from “just doing”. This is a dramatic step in authentic people leadership, consider it as a gift! It empowers you, it empowers colleagues around you, it simply allow those you lead TO BE and it encourages them not to behave any more as resigned followers, but to become responsible leaders of and in their life. Thank you Kevin!”
Anonymous, Director in the Council of the European Union

“Working with Kevin has been an amazing journey of self-discovery. He is an excellent listener who – by asking simple questions – makes the complicated seem simple and the impossible possible. His approach, his creativity and his positive energy are very inspirational.

An exercise during the coaching which I found very powerful was the definition of values. Defining my values (personal/professional) and looking at them one by one, made it very clear which ones needed more focus and attention in order for me to feel fulfilled. On this basis, I decided in which direction to go.

I would recommend Kevin to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and their journey, anyone who is standing at a crossroad personally or professionally and anyone who is longing for more satisfaction and fulfilment in their life.”
Maria Luise Gad Justesen-Jørgensen, EEAS, EU Commission

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the coaching experience with Kevin. I was immediately intrigued by his experience in coaching high level athletes. That world is so different from the one in which I operate that I thought working with him could be a refreshing experience. And it was indeed! He helped me focus on my values and relying on them to find my solutions for some ‘hot potatoes’ I had to deal with. The most important thing I learned from his coaching is that our reference values are evolutionary and only if we keep an eye on who we are (becoming) we are able to keep a sense of direction when managing ourselves and our teams. Grazie mille Kevin!”
Dr Nicola Notaro, Head of the Nature Unit, DG Enviro, EU Commission

“By choosing Kevin Cottam as a coach, I was not just looking for a slightly more experienced alter ego who would share some of his wisdom with me. I wanted to really challenge my perspective on daily work and life. As a coach, Kevin gave me exactly that. Because Kevin is a real sportsman, artist and globetrotter, his coaching is real. Kevin’s coaching is based on the client’s values and how to mobilise these values for defined objectives. Beyond his vast coaching practice, Kevin is particularly great at putting his own sport, art or business experience to work. I was always looking forward to our sessions in anticipation of good humour and serious work concluded with concrete action and timeline. Kevin’s coaching really worked for me.”
Luc Véron, EU diplomat, Head of Division at European External Action Service

“Kevin is a skilled professional coach – the most creative I have ever met – who prepares people for tomorrow’s complex world of work of the global and digital era. He uses his qualifications experience and coaching methods in a subtle and respectful manner. Moreover, Kevin’s techniques are firmly based on the respect of fundamental principles and values.
My personal experience of Kevin’s coaching techniques has been very positive. Kevin uses a holistic approach, which activates and stimulates all senses. He focuses on personal values using both intellectual and physical techniques that develop the mind and body.
Overall, I would recommend Kevin as an excellent coach who takes a broad perspective and offers excellent training and coaching in a complete and well-rounded manner.”
Klaus Loeffler, HoU DG for Communication, Visits and Seminars, EU Parliament

“I was intimidated by my new position, I wanted guidance on what to do, how to lead and inspire a team. Kevin showed me how to look inside me for this guidance. His approach is to work with core values: it taught me to climb more surely by anchoring my guiding rope to my own true values. What made it effective was Kevin’s quiet confidence that we all have this guide within us, his clarity in identifying issues I needed to work on; and of course, his incredible generosity in sharing his time and valuable experience. This is ground gained forever.”
Veronique Lorenzo-Palermo, HoU for Health, Education, Culture and Research DG DEVCO, EU Commission

“Kevin provided a public speaking skills training to our group of 12 technology business leaders to prepare them for a 3 days intense round of high level meetings and public presentations. Within 3 hours, he managed to turn around completely the way those businessmen entered the scene, captivated the audience attention and delivered their message in a more impactful way, establishing this special connection with the public.
The combination of proven techniques, practical tips and on scene practice was just the right mix for them to integrate this new set of skills and perform significantly better the next day on the real stage. I would definitely recommend Kevin as a very experienced and unique coach”
Nadia Chen, French Embassy, Singapore

“I feel that our sessions were a success in that, while from the outside not too many things may not have changed, I feel better about myself and my life, and I also feel that I have options – earlier this year, I was feeling stuck, doing the same things repetitively, and not able to break my patterns. Kevin helped me to “de-clutter” my mind and become less stressed. This I am happy about that.”
Tuuli Virtanen, Deputy Head of Unit, Finances, Contracts, DG for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negoitiations, EU Commission

“Kevin helped me refocus on my core values, and find in myself the resources to clarify and achieve my personal and management objectives. It was a real pleasure working with him.”
Julien Guerrier, HoU Sec Gen
Corporate Management,
Budget & Administration, EU Commission

“Kevin possesses that unique, innate, and uncanny ability to help participants discover the spark in themselves; he merely spreads open the canvas of possibilities, and enables the uniqueness of each participant to paint a picturesque of endless possibilities.”
Collin Ong, Fragrance Sales, PT. Givaudan Indonesia

“In an industry that is often crowded with ex-business executives offering business-oriented advice, Kevin Cottam brings a fresh perspective to the challenges one faces when trying to carve a new path in life. His highly creative and eclectic background allows him to provide his clients with a decidedly non-corporate view of the world, getting them to see the opportunities ahead of them in a whole new light. He has a wonderful, empowering way of getting you past yourself and the fear that often blocks you from realizing your full potential. I have enjoyed having him alongside me, and have benefited greatly from his guidance.”
Bill Baker, Chief Strategic Officer, Envisioning + Storytelling, Vancouver, Canada

“Kevin has a very unique background from working as a coach to Olympic champions to creating large scale productions. He has a global outlook and is deeply rooted in his fundamental beliefs and values. He focuses on his audience and inspires and engages them. He is original in his thinking and helps his clients to develop their own new solutions by challenging their mind set.”
Robin Lokerman, CEO – Institutional Division, MCI Group Singapore

“Working with Kevin as a Coach has offered true value to my business and personal life. As the General Manager of a new start up business for our group, my life is extremely busy and often pressured with commercial, operational, international and personnel challenges – not just in Singapore, but through heavy traveling, and the on-going development of our business across the Asia Pacific region. Two of the many processes I have gained from Kevin’s coaching are centering and guided visualizations for solution making, gaining clarity and creative thinking. These have given me valuable time back to invest in myself, and to consider my business in new ways, without operational distraction. I am grateful to Kevin personally for these very powerful tools. Kevin has demonstrated strong personal commitment in helping me work through and fine tune the use of these processes and tools, and I would have no hesitation in recommending his passionate expertise in this area for other time strapped senior executives, needing to find the balance at work, and in their personal life.”
Jeremy Blain, Managing Director, Cegos Asia Pacific

“In the growing curve of a company there is the need to stop, reflect and answer to some basic questions like – what is your business all about, where are you going, what is the vision, how are you achieving your vision. Kevin is a great coach to help you on that process of redefining the basics and reshape the path for a solid growth of an institution.
We have been very successful integrating the team in redefining the essence of the company and Kevin brought that spirit to tlc. Definitely a must do to any organization.”
Diogo Assis, Managing Director, TLC – Events in Portugal

“Professionalism. Your presentations combine business imperatives with life balance. Great creativity in the use of adult learning techniques (not a one way communication, interaction is always there).”
Didier Scalliet, MPI Europe, VP of Global Development, Luxembourg

“He understood the project from the very beginning and gave me all the solutions the same days. Unique!”
Marcelo Molinari, Costa del Sol Convention Bureau, Malaga, Spain

“It was a great experience working with you. I enjoy the show very much and love what you’ve done to show us new possibilities. Thank you!”
Hendrik Jan de Mari, CEO, Holiday on Ice

“Always pleasant to work with and remains calm when others don’t.
Deals with everyone on a personal level and encourages people to exceed their boundaries. The sky is the limit. Never settles for less, Demanding of himself and others, Sincere, Humane, Always helpful, Compliments hard work, Open to discussion, Gentle.”
Jayne Hamelink, Casting Director, Holiday on Ice, Holland

“You set a good example through your listening skills and you inspire others with to challenge their creative strengths. I know these are some of the qualities which I see you bringing out in me.
You have many leadership skills which I’m sure allowed you to create ‘Energia’. Your concern for the ‘well-being’ of those who you teach and your ability to inspire people around you to be the best they can be are both credits to your “Unique Ability”.”
Ian Mellor, CFP Senior Financial Planner, Assante Financial Management, Vancouver, Canada

“Kevin gives total dedication to his projects … he brings creative solutions to the table, sticks to a given timeline, is a perfectionist when it comes to execution and always provides a sense of calm to the team, so that they can achieve their potential.”
Bojan Tercon, Partner, Singapore Sing

“As a facilitator you strive to try on different techniques and are more than wiling to learn from others. You see partnership always as an opportunity, never as a competition. You almost never say no but rather remain open minded to techniques and approaches all the while bringing many other creative ideas. You like to start with the big picture in mind and that makes you stronger I think in the end, cause while you go deep, you never seem to lose the bigger picture.”
Janet Logan, Facilitator/Coach, Toronto, Canada

“Based on the feedback forms and the personal comments about ‘Your Energy Budget’ from the attendees, it’s safe to say that this course was a success story! This course received the almost highest possible score and is therefore a course that we can truly recommend. The attendees appreciated Kevin’s excellent communication skills and his thorough knowledge on the subject. The course offered sufficient examples/exercises and provided participants with sufficient additional resources. A course that energizes and motivates!”
Anne Van Belle, Training Coordinator, Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, European Commission

“It was a pleasure to work with Kevin. While he kept me on track and challenged me in terms of my goals and the barriers in reaching them, he was also compassionate and understanding of all the other personal factors that get in the way.”
Garth Walmsley, CEO, Walmsley and Associates

“You are a mentor rather than a coach, meaning you add an emotional level to your work that stands out from other business coaching or seminars. You allow your clients to get on to this emotional level and accept it. Your seminars take unexpected directions and are full of surprises, but one does not fear this unknown territory – you easily make people go with the flow and trust you.”
Betsy Torneden, Director Strategic Business Development, tmf Munich

“I find you at a level in your work that easily connects your audience or clients to the what you call “higher purpose” in a very authentic way. You are trustworthy, credible and natural, with a good sense of humour. You have a strong analytical talent, which quickly grasps the context and the structure as of how somebody’s problems are built around. You are at your best when communicating directly, in person or by mailchat.”
Johanna Fischer, CEO tmf Munich/India, Germany

“What is also surprising me is your ability of yet keeping your distance, in spite of allowing all this openness, senses and emotions to form part of the communication between you and your “disciples” Something very unusual.’
Johanna Fischer, CEO tmf Munich/India, Germany

“You start a seminar with all kinds of elements which one does not understand where they should end up and then there is a hidden thread that goes strongly, focused and precise to the point where you want it to be. And you stop on the minute. Jesus, what a man!!!!!”
Johanna Fischer, CEO tmf Munich/India, Germany

“I had no real understanding of how coaching worked when I started looking for a coach, but knew I needed someone to help me guide and focus my practice. I would recommend Kevin to any person in decision-making positions I know who wants to increase their performance in a manner that’s consistent with what they want from life. His approach to coaching is not just about the professional, but takes all of my goals in life into account in helping me make the best decisions and adopt the best approaches for my work.”
Flaminia Bussacchini, Head of Unit, Human Resources, European Commission

“His coaching style is to constantly ask questions to help me work through the issue — he listens exceptionally well, and encourages me to talk through the challenges we all face but are afraid to discuss in the practice of our work.”
Flaminia Bussacchini, Head of Unit, European Commission

“Kevin shares with his clients a relentless pursuit for professional excellence and has remained true to his values of client focus, thrive for excellence, mutual trust and absolute confidentiality.”
Flaminia Bussacchini, Head of Unit, European Commission

“I meet Kevin in 2004 and he advised me to follow the NLP practitioner program, that was a fantastic move plus I could develop a new network environment and meet interesting people.

I continued this growth experience with his excellent coaching sessions where I could capture, develop and foster different aspect of my professional and personal development at different phase of my life.

Kevin has a great talent with his professional coaching approach to adapt his various techniques (Timeline, Wheel of live, Values Online, 360, NLP, Relaxation…) to support and advise you.

I see him as a mentor coach and also good friend with his excited spirit to get out the best energy and vibrance inside of you.

You will be amazed how you will progress and reach your initial objectives.
So don’t hesitate, you will meet one of the best coaches on the market that will highlight your different opportunities.

So, time for you to change…and move forward!

Today my current position allows me to find a good balance between my humanism sensitivity and leadership skills.

I am in a good flow for new challenges…”

Pedro Paquemar, Africa Head of Capabilities and Resource Management, Nokia Siemens Networks