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Sports Performance Training

Kevin Cottam’s Performance Training For Athletes

‘Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion’
Martha Graham

Athletes / Artists

The only thing you owe the public is a good performance.
Humphrey Bogart

Kevin Cottam’s Performance Training For Athletes


In the world of sport and entertainment there is a saying that goes, ‘You are only as good as you last performance or competition’. Hard to face and this is often the case.

Performance mastery coaching is about releasing and revealing that hidden genius inside of you in order that your performances embody excellence. Discover the Journey to connect and balance your ‘mind, body and soul sets’ – MBS set. This balance and centering, leads to high performance.

Some reasons to hire a coach

Whether you are a highly skilled, honed or talented, champion golfer, tennis player, figure skater, dancer, pianist or a singer there can be moments in your training and performances such as,

  • You might not be/feel on top of your game, or
  • Challenged to stay focused, or
  • Thinking too much on the end product and not the journey from A to B, or
  • In a professional or technical slump or
  • Highly stressed or
  • Not fully connected to your inner passion or spirit that drives your performance, or …

As a performance master coach, we look at what is challenging you or want to work on or achieve and create a programme and strategies that flow with your desires. We assist you towards mastery.

‘Whenever I felt like I was loosing my center and I got lost in the ego, Kevin has helped to find the core, the truth behind the problem, and how to overcome it with guided meditations. After, I feel connected to the light within and the purpose is clear which is about giving love, beauty and peace.’
Yebin Mok, Professional Figure Skater, USA.

Some Benefits:

  • Increased confidence and motivation
  • Greater balance and connected Mind, Body, Soul SET
  • Learn more relaxation and stress interventions
  • Powerfully Visualize your end goals
  • Develop anchoring strategies
  • Prepare for public relation interviews and communication skills
  • Learn to gracefully take winning or losing in your stride
  • Smoother transitioning from competition or entertaining to other roles and activities
  • Moving past those nervous jitters


  • Visualization
  • Meditation
  • Physical embodiment work (movement)
  • Art / Music
  • Breathing
  • Communication skills strategies and processes
  • Developing Agreements between teams, partnerships and relationships
  • Powerful questions
  • Utilizing technology to review past great performances and talking through every move

If this sounds what you might need – Contact us.