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Reviews of Aha, Mother’s Pearls

“Your book “Aha Mother’s Pearls” is really moving!
 It accompanied me during my travel to Jakarta last week.

 I love the mother pearls “consistency” and “intuition” very much. 
It taught me about performing the best of me each day and also making sure I acknowledge my heart and not be distracted by materialistic needs only.
A really good book, very inspirational. Thanks again for sharing your wisdom.”
Wicky Andry, Coach, Jakarta, Indonesia

“The learning in these heartfelt personal stories resonates deeply within me and I am thankful to Kevin for them as daily reminders.”
Patrick Liew, CEO, HSR Global Ltd, Singapore

“In a way that is simultaneously sweet and fierce, Kevin illuminates one of the most amazing facts of human consciousness: that each moment carries the possibility of a major opening to a new dimension of life. In Kevin’s stories, we find the courage and encouragement to live our own lives in such a daring and amazing way!”
Stephen Gilligan, PhD, author of The Courage to Love

“I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely loved the book and I found it so inspiring and touching at the same time. The stories are so simple yet, they all have such powerful messages that really make you think about our conscious choices in every day life… THANK YOU!!!!”
Ira Kita, Facilitator / Coach, Brussels, Belgium

“We all have ‘Aha’ moments, times when the blur of our lives comes into clear focus, when the angles of the walls seem to bend, or the earth seems to shift under our feet with the new and powerful recognition of who we are and what our time on this planet is about.
In ‘Mother’s Pearl’, the author has selected 27 of such moments that have altered the course of his life. Moving, honest and from the heart, ‘Aha, Mother’s Pearls’ is a true treasure – a beautiful necklace with its stones of wisdom, bright and timeless to treasure.”
Vivienne Vermes, Author, Paris, France

“To read a series of stories (the pearls), written from the heart, that shower you with truth and questions is but a unique and powerful experience. It is a guidebook and a support tool that can be picked up again and again, with some pearls read and re-read depending on your need or mood at that time. The Pearl’s are an insight to life, being both biographically educational and some more formally educational. It is a gift that sits by my bed, alongside the Dalai Lama’s Art of Happiness.”
Alva Winston Troubetzkoi Communications Consultant, Dubai, UAE

“With his insightful book Kevin Cottam presents 27 experiences that have the reader questioning her/his our life’s journey, looking for the kernel of wisdom in each visitation. The cross-cultural sweep alone makes for an interesting read. Aha, Mother’s Pearls is a treasure chest full of gems.”
J.Lafrentz, Engineer, Portland, Oregon, USA

“I have just finished reading your book ‘Aha, Mother’s Pearls’. I LOVED it. Your book was so easy to read and written in such a clever manner. You have inspired me in so many ways with your pearls of wisdom. I hope to become a better person using some of the life lessons that you have written about. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Barbara Turner, Victoria, Canada, Figure Skating Coach

“Aha, Mother’s Pearls is an enlightening read. It was a great opportunity to reflect on my own experiences and see Aha moments that I may have overlooked. Each new chapter brought to mind a simple life moment that needed to be reflected upon, helping to remind me to take each moment to heart. We may not always know an Aha moment at the time we’re in it, but patience is the key until the true meaning is revealed.”
Lana Bertsch, President, Birchwood Productions Inc., Edmonton, Canada

“Each pearl shimmers with wisdom, creativity, and everyday practicality, while inviting me to recognize and maximize the pearls in my life.”
Pauline O’Reilly, Teacher, Vancouver, Canada


What People say About the Book!

  • Timely
  • The inspiration I need at this perfect time in my life
  • Fundamental teaching for my yoga classes
  • Healing / Transformational
  • You show how being is part of doing
  • Encouraging leaning from the meditations on life
  • You have assisted me in recognizing I have the resources in my life to lead my full potential
  • Exceptional, Accessible, Simple, Transparent and more.