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‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching Programs


Coaching is a transformative process and can be extremely revealing. At CPMI the focus is to coach you, the mindful values based human being. This means we are looking at enabling you to balance and align your ‘Mind Body and Soul Sets’ (MBSset). This is a discovery process which takes you on a journey leading to higher excellence and performance.


  • Visualization
  • Values on Line Tool
  • Meditation
  • Physical embodiment work (movement)
  • Art / Music
  • Breathing
  • Communication skills strategies and processes
  • Developing Agreements between teams, partnerships and relationships
  • Powerful questions
  • Utilizing technology to review past great performances and talking through every move

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‘You have the ability to reduce lots of information to its core problem, and then through asking some simple questions, allowing me to figure out the solution myself; involved without being judgmental.‘

Koen Suidgeest, Producer/Director, El Rayo Films, Madrid Spain


There are many benefits to Performance Mastery Coaching and below you will get a sense of a few.

  • Step up to your desired performance in life
  • Define your, vision, purpose and values in life; then aligning them to your intentions, outcomes and goals to create a more fulfilling existence.
  • Perform in life by connecting to the mind, body, soul (MBS set) with more mindful awareness and consciousness
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and fears by increasing positive self-awareness and self worth
  • Take full responsibility for your words, thoughts and pro-activity
  • Make sound choices based on your MBSset relationship
  • Create more meaningful relationships
  • Build confidence
  • Look at life more globally from a macro point of view
  • Develop a one-pointed focus
  • Learn to meditate and visualize what you want
  • Practice stress interventions to perform more vitally
  • Understand what boosts and drains your energy