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‘What a man dislikes in his superiors, let him not display in the treatment of his inferiors.’
Tsang Sin

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Do you know what your priority values are?

Values are at the heart of every individual and all organizations. They live in our unconscious, are intangible and they are formed in our early foundation years of growing up. Professor Brian Hall says, “personal values are ideals that give meaning and significance to our lives, expressed through priorities.” When you or your organization leads from your values you are less stressed and more productive, more motivated, happier and aligned. In other words, your well-being and awareness is heightened.


ValuesOnline, established in 1999 and launched on the Swedish market in 2002, is a pioneering Swedish Research & Development company for personal and organizational development and transformation. It brings together experiences from more than 30 years of Leadership and applied values research.

What is it?

Values Process Alignment represents a new paradigm in corporate and organizational Leadership. It addresses the very core of Leadership – the human processes that release motivation, meaning and high performance in employees.

Values on Line is,

  • An online non-diagnostic tool, which ranks your priority values.
  • A process that assists in defining and realizing your values so that you become more aware of your authentic self / being
  • A process that allows you to be present with your authenticity which leads you to living a life of clarity, harmony and fulfilling your true potential.

Once acknowledged, your values can act as a tool or barometer to assist you in understanding what works or doesn’t work, fits or doesn’t fit in your life. They are also a powerful tool when used to align with your decision and solutions making process.

The process helps people

  • Develop their Self-Leadership
  • Increase personal meaning by changing the way they see, think and act; helps people living according to their authentic values and experiencing meaning in their social, family and work life.
  • Improve personal and team effectiveness
  • Increase self awareness and confidence

ValuesOnline processes are: Values Facilitation, Values Alignment, Self-Leadership Facilitation and Self-Leadership Seminars

Process / Coaching Package:

  • Invitation sent to you from to complete the online ranking
  • 127 values are priority ranked by you (takes about 1hour)
  • Results are sent to you in the form of different ranking ‘maps’
  • 1.5 – 2 hours of a storytelling de-briefing process by telephone, where you will come to better understand the ‘maps’ and your authentic self
  • 1 hour follow-up to align your values to how you are living now

Discover your priority values now and begin using them in your organizations solutions.

Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor

Tilt 365 Certified CoachTilt 365 Certified Practitioner – click here to get started


Tilt, Inc. is a global company with a mission to change the world in positive ways by shoring up the glaring gap in character strengths in today’s world. Founded by Pam Boney in 2008 as a talent development company, Tilt offers a provocative and research-based personality theory, Tiltology. Our theory is supported by a disruptive technology, Tilt 365, a web-based personality assessment tool that measures the development of 12 core character strengths and 48 commendable traits.


What is Tilt 365?

  • Tilt guides individuals and organizations in achieving a competitive advantage though the development of character-strengths.
  • Tilt 365 provides real-time feedback with a live dashboard for immediate awareness and traction. It is participant directed.
  • Tilt 365 is supported by our Tiltology Wiki Space for self-development and a global team of Tilt Certified Professional Coaches.
  • Tilt 365 provides individuals and organizations the ability to become more productive, innovative and successful through self knowledge and personal mastery of character strengths.


Unique technology

  • Automatic for individual purchases online or Tilt Adminstration
  • 360 SaaS subscription assessment based on the Tilt Model completed by raters online
  • Participant, can be sent anytime, no need for status reports/on their dashboard
  • It takes 10-15 mins to complete and includes 48 questions
  • Immediate/automatic as soon as required number of rater responses are received (self, manager, immediately and 3 minimum in other rater groups)
  • Designed for quick speed, repeated access, and high scalability
  • Individuals & coaches, anyone can access through


Tilt Personality

Our personality is unique. We are wise, bold and kind. And we are keenly aware that it takes more than competencies to make an individual or organization successful. Character strengths matter, a lot. Tilt brings awareness, measurement and support to the development of personal character strengths. We educate, guide and transform our clients’ personal growth experience. We provide an opportunity to develop character strengths that create a solid sense of self that is balanced, conscious, creative and inspired.

We believe that individuals must take ownership for their influence in the world we live in if we are to make it a better place. To do this, one must learn how to apply continuous improvement to personality development as well as work competency. This is why we built the next generation in feedback, Tilt 365. It is a dynamic feedback system for continuous personality development in 12 key character strengths.

‘Knowing your strengths is important. But to be a great and inspiring transcendent leader, you need not only to know your strengths, but also to be balanced in all facets of leadership. Tilt shows leaders the way to self-mastery in this.’
Delisa Alexander, Senior Vice President of People and Brand, Red Hat



  • Leaders become more aware of how their leadership behaviours are being perceived by key stakeholders
  • You gain an understanding of your character strengths, blind spots and development needs, as well as overused traits that become career derailers
  • By working with a Tilt Certified practitioner, you learn how you can create change in each of the meta factors through focused leadership development
  • Leaders become more consciously aware and effective in their performance

For a sample of the colourfully designed print out, Click Here.

Process / Coaching Package:

  • You would be instructed to go to to complete the online tool
  • After you have received enough information from your raters, your report with be shared with me.
  • We would then go into coaching around the results of the assessment
  • Coaching can be up to 12 hours depending on what you want to achieve after we have debriefed the report.