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Leadership Training Process

Leadership Development Plan

‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’
Mahatma Gandhi


 Leadership Development Plan

Our central focus is the human being.

Our concern is how you communicate (verbally and non-verbally), perform and lead as an individual or in teams whether in life or workplace.

Our strategy is a holistic process to assist in building self-awareness, skills and mastery in the way and how you as a leader communicate your message, purpose or story. This creates a balance, an alignment and connection between your mind, body and soul/spirit of each individual, team or organization as a whole. Hence, leading to more robust human interfaces between teams, organizations, stakeholders and clients.

Systems thinking

Our focus is bigger than the term mindset. We believe it is a series of systems that are intricately intertwined. What creates our vitality, happiness and inspired performance is a combination of these three main systems, which are always changing, shifting and transforming. They are the Mind, Body and Soul/Spirit. No matter what skill levels you have, or behaviours you display, or leadership you possess, these are all part of the systems that co-exist within who you are.


At CPMI we refer to this as the MBSset or Mind Body Soul set. Leadership and self-leadership thrives when these systems become one organic system (the goal) that works harmoniously together. The centre of strong leadership is performing with mindful awareness of your MBSset. This helps define your communication style and manner, which can result in performance excellence.


One of the main holistic processes that we use is called, CLICS, a proprietary CPMI process, which stands for