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Coaching Coaches

Transformation through Creativity and Embodiment Techniques




As coaches we are life long learners. Today we have to keep up with what our clients needs are. If you are like me, I love to learn and find out new techniques, tools, and methods. Here is one of my offerings to you as coaches in the realm of creativity and embodiment. This course benefits internal organizational coaches as well as all coaches in general.


‘Kevin Cottam embodies spirit, joy and gracious sharing. His highly engaging class was filled with eye-opening activities and deep learning, both at a coaching and a personal level. The ideas he shared are ones that will greatly enrich my own practice, and also opened the door to new perspectives that I’ll enjoy exploring. I highly recommend Kevin as a coach, a facilitator and a training wizard!’
Kathy Harman, MCC, CCM, CSM, Virginia Chapter.


Embody Creativity in Coaching Workshop


‘If you want to develop your understanding of human body and find new ideas for coaching than you must do Kevin Workshop Creativity and Embodiment.’
Paulo Neto, PCC, Lisbon Portugal


Are you curious about how to integrate more creativity and body integration into your coaching practice?

This highly engaging, fun-filled experiential 1-day workshop gives you different organic techniques and tools of ways to integrate creativity and bodywork into your coaching practice of all sectors. The success in clients has become evident by them developing a deeper sense of connection, meaning and clarity, more strategic decision-making and a wider big picture view leading to an enhanced full Mind Body Spirit energy.


ICF CCEU’s granted (5-8 depending on the length of the workshop)


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