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Use Words to Powerfully Persuade – Part 1

A nice little rhyme, but not very accurate. We may enjoy using this old adage to comfort children, but the truth is that words are immensely powerful and the words you choose can alter the direction of your entire life as well as the work you do and the people you come into contact with. In the global business world of professional meetings, conferences and events words are particularly potent. They can inspire creativity, encourage growth and foster deep connections no matter what is your linguistic base.


Use Words to Powerfully Persuade – Part 2

In my last article, Use Words Powerfully to Persuade (Part 1), I discussed the most powerful words you can use to change the dynamic of nearly any conversation. But what happens when you’re dealing with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures as you do in Events and Meeting Sector? Effective, dynamic and vitalized conversation has as much to do with culture as it does a shared language. This is especially true when working in a global industry which encompasses a variety of background, cultures and points of view.


Watch for Visual Cues to Increase Awareness

Have you become a more mindful social network-er and connector since reading and practising the last article? Remember that in ‘Getting to Know You’, we spoke about developing a intuitive practice of ‘RAPPORT’ which is the developing a harmonious and empathic relation(ship) and energetic connection. Building rapport is vital in life and especially in your global business environment, which means inside and outside your company or with employees and clients.