Ottawa: ‘Your Energy Budget’ and ‘Leadership from Within’, MPI Ottawa Chapter, January 2009
Pasadena, CA: ‘Design a SenSational Event’, MPISCC, March 2009
Vancouver: ‘Your Energy Budget’, National Meetings Day, April 2009
Marseille: ‘Energia…’ – Casting Season 2, April 23-26, 2009
Brussels: ‘Your Energy Budget’, DGJLS, April 30, 2009
Munich: ‘Team Building’, tmf, May 4-5, 2009
Salt Lake City: ‘Design a SenSaTional Event’, MPISLC, May 12, 2009


Malaga: ‘Design a SenSational Event’, Costa del Sol Convention Bureau, January 2008
Amsterdam: ‘Energia…the way the Universe Connects’, Holiday on Ice, all 2008
Brussels: ‘Mother’s Pearls…27 Aha Moments of Realization, Launch of Book, April 2008
Dubai: ‘Leadership from Within’, MPI – ME Conference, April 2008
Abu Dhabi: ‘Design a SenSaTional Event’ - GIBTM, April 2008
Victoria: ‘Mother’s Pearls…, North American Launch, May 2008
Vancouver: ‘Mother’s Pearls..., Vancouver Launch, June 2008
Marbella: ‘SenSational Andalucia’, Costa del Sol Convention Bureau, June 2008
Hamburg: ‘Energia…’, World Premiere of Show, Holiday on Ice, November 2008

2006 - 2007

Monte Carlo (2005) and Davos (2006): ‘Unleash your Creative Potential’, ‘Life Balancing’, ‘Your Energy Budget’, MPI – Pece
Amman Jordan (2005) and Dubai (2006): ‘Stress’ and ‘Your Energy Budget’ Workshops, SITE – ESNEP
Belgium, Toastmaster Speech Competitions – 2006: Belgium Area Toastmaster Winner in the “International Speech Competition” for ‘Mirror Mirror on the Wall’
Barcelona: ‘Awaken your Senses to Your Energy Budget’, SITE, 2006
Brussels: ‘Lead with your Senses’, JCL – Junior Commerce League, 2006
Copenhagen: ‘Design a SenSaTional Event’, PECE – MPI, March 2007
Germany: ‘Let’s Moomba’, Bayer Bio Science, March 2007
Lisbon: ‘Design a SenSaTional Event in Portugal’, May 2007 – Workshop for TLC (read review from, the Global Meetings Industry Portal)
Lisbon: ‘Corporate Purpose’, June 2007 – Workshop to determine company values, mission and vision statements
Brussels: Well-Being Workshops for Staff and Managers, European Commission
Munich: ‘Corporate Purpose’, tmf, July 2007
Montreal: ‘Your Energy Budget’, MPI – WEC Conference, July 2007
Antwerp: ‘Leadership’, MPI – ECLF, September 2007
Munich: ‘Your Energy Budget’, ECM (Marketing), October 2007
Munich: ‘Corporate Purpose – Part 2’, tmf, October 2007
Brussels: ‘Your Energy Budget’, EU – DG Regio, October 2007
Brussels: ‘Managing Stress’, EU – DG Regio, October 2007
Brussels: ‘Your Energy Budget’, Toastmasters Area Conference, October 2007
Barcelona: ‘Your Energy Budget’, Toastmasters Area Conference, October 2007
Brussels: ‘Let’s Moomba’, EU – DG EPSO, October 2007
Vienna: ‘Your Energy Budget’, Toastmasters District Conference, November 2007
Barcelona: ‘Your Energy Budget’, EIBTM (Trade Show), November, 2007
Brussels: ‘Let’s Moomba’, ECCO (European CanCer Organization), December 2007

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