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Curtain’s Up, It’s Showtime!

‘Every performance is different. That’s the beauty of it.’
Van Morrison

What this speech is about.

Imagine your next meetings; projects or project experiences; organization; creativity and innovation strategies as conducted and created by a team of fully engaged, connected, creative and energized performers with a well defined vision and purpose who are focused on thinking out of the box to deliver meaningful results and deliverables.

Kevin Cottam, Director and Choreographer of large multi-disciplinary events will speak about his creative process and his experience in building harmonious teams, project development and strategic planning from the perspective of a Director/Choreographer and Producer. He will relate this to the business and public sectors and how managers and leaders can inspire and engage their employees.

Kevin has utilized his process to co-create successful productions, inspire teams, set strategic goals and time lines, develop leadership, relationships and communication lines, establish roles and responsibilities in such productions as the 1988 Calgary Olympic Closing Ceremonies; the 2001 World Athletic Championships Opening and Closing Ceremonies and many more small to large innovative live and TV productions.

Curtain’s UP, It’s Showtime encourages, inspires and enlivens the audience to think outside the box, shift the ‘individual and team mindset’ and look at project development from a different point of view. The keynote speech invites the audience to leverage their professional knowledge, utilize what is relevant, while framing from a different perspective or mindset.

Length: 45-50 minutes



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