‘Creating Performance Mastery starts within’

OrganizationsFocus: C-Level leaders, Managers, Teams, Boards

Here are some questions you might ask yourself or your teams if you want to be masterful at what you do and how you are being:

  • How do you want to perform and be in relationship with yourself, your team, organization, or association?
  • What or who do you trust and how can you build trust around you?
  • Are you an authentic leader?

These are some of the powerful questions that Performance Mastery Coaching can present to you.


The Masterful Performing Leader

Do think of yourself or your teams as highly effective performers?

Look at the product pipeline, look at the fantastic financial results we've had for the last five years. You only get that kind of performance on the innovation side, on the financial side, if you're really listening and reacting to the best ideas of the people we have.
Steve Ballmer

You may think that the word, ‘perform’, is only for athletes, artists or entertainers – no we all perform.  In this form of coaching we draw the analogy between theatre, sport with leaders, managers and employees of organizations.



PERFORMANCE = how does or what is, the resonance on your audience

AUDIENCE = clients, boards, employees, fellow team mates, other organizations, networks and the list goes on

Performance Mastery Coaching assists you to become that holistic leader that you wish to be in order that you can masterfully perform the functions, duties and commitments that are strategically vital for your company, organization or association’s success – and your life!

It opens your eyes and heart to the genius inside of you and your team and asks for you to be brutally honest and truthful to yourself and others.  This all starts within!  This is where true leadership sits – within you!

Challenges you

This process of coaching confronts you with many issues that might be challenging you and encourages you to perform in a trusting way.  It helps you to move from your mind and greater connect with your body and soul, creating the energetic triangular connection that makes a masterful leader – mind, body and soul. It shifts your from mediocrity to mastery.

What is the Energetic Connection?

The energetic connection is being in relationship with the alignment of your Mind Body Soul.  Once you become aware and begin to balance and connect this energy, your world outside of yourself also begins to shift, change and transform.

Think of yourself as being the drop of water or your team or your organization, and when dropped into water it creates energetic aware ripples.  The ripple effect then moves to all your relationships with your audiences. Are you the drop of water?  Do you want to be?  How can you let that ripple effect be the change in others?

Quote of the Week

  • Fun!!!!

    'Whenever I have a problem, I just start to sing and realize that my voice is much worse than my problem'.

    Not sure who said this.