‘Aha’! Flowing to Consciousness

With Kevin Cottam, ACC, BSc. and Milton Almeida ACC, MA, CUG

Target: Personal and Executive Coaches, Individuals, HR Professionals


The objective of this interactive workshop is to learn how to distill the learning points, Aha’s, (essence) from your life’s stories (consensus reality) and then consciously use the essence to create new choices, gain awareness and set goals based on your inner desires.


This unique interactive practice is a simple/graceful discovery/coaching process that assists you in framing your previous experiences (Aha Moments and stories) and uses them to launch inspired action and goal setting.  Behind our stories are the learning points, the Aha’s, the Pearls and these pearls are similar to values and what is important in our life or purpose. This can be reflected in our performance in life.

Based on Kevin Cottam’s book, Mother’s Pearls…27 Aha Moments of Realization and the NLP principle ‘we have all the information inside of us needed to perform a full life’, one of the most important shifts and changes people can do for themselves, life and work is to discover deeper awareness and integrate the learning points or Aha’ moments into their life.

This workshop will teach you the science behind these moments of awareness and allow you to explore your own Aha! Moments, so that you can better help your clients make the most of theirs. The process is flowing and moves you to a deeper sense of mind body soul connection and purpose. It assists you in developing witness awareness and a more conscious way to look at your life.


  • Interactive workshop
  • Working individually, in pairs and groups (coaching work / mind)
  • Breathing, meditation / visualization and yoga exercises (physical / body work)
  • Story-telling
  • Transforming unconscious choices to conscious choices
  • Busting beliefs around definitions of words we use
  • Powerful questions and exercises
  • Creating an action plan based on your discoveries


  • Chunking down your stories to find the learning points hidden within in them
  • Learning to visualize
  • Learning how to recognize your Aha Moments
  • Breathing Exercises and some yoga exercises
  • Creating an action to fulfill your goals
Workshop: 1 Day
Attention for Coaches: ICF CCEU’s for 7 hours learning credits

Quote of the Week

  • Fun!!!!

    'Whenever I have a problem, I just start to sing and realize that my voice is much worse than my problem'.

    Not sure who said this.