Return on Relationships

ROR = Return on Relationships – The New Buzz in Biz!
The Meetings Industry is about building long-lasting and meaningful relationships. In fact, life is all about relationships. How do you want your relationships to be?

To be a leader in your field and life you want to build quality relationships. We have all heard of ROI. Your ROI is directly linked to your ROR – Return on Relationships. You first need to realize how to connect, create and build strong and respectful relationships. This can lead to healthier and abundant business practices, strategies and results.

Do you want a better ROR with your clients, suppliers, friends, family and most of all yourself? The first steps in developing relationships, is to understand that ‘we are never not in a relationship’. Aha!!!

This interactive and often playful workshop invites the participants to become aware that relationships begin with that relationship they have with themselves. From there we can relate to other cultures, individuals, teams and organizations. This will be discovered through different individual, dyad and group exercises as well as a variety of tips and tools. We will also use a group case study to solve.

You will walk out the door with the question, ‘How do I want to be in relationship with …?, buzzing in your ear. Now you are ready to begin to receive ROR.

Be prepared to connect; participate fully; get curious; discover and create mindful Relationships!

Participant Take Aways

  • The discovery of what is relationship and how important the role they play in defining business success in any type of economy.
  • Developing the awareness that we have choices how we want our relationships to be. 
  • Tips, tools and processes to create more solid relationships
  • A personal statement of ‘how you want to be in relationship with…’

Workshop: 2 Days
Conference: 2.5 hours

Quote of the Week

  • Fun!!!!

    'Whenever I have a problem, I just start to sing and realize that my voice is much worse than my problem'.

    Not sure who said this.