Your Energy Budget

Your Energy Budget‘I´ve tried three times to attend but it was always full!’

Participant, ESNEP-SITE, Dubai, UAE

Your Energy Budget, is an interactive practice using exercises and questions to assist you in defining what activities and thoughts boost your energy. It is your energy that leads to productive peak performance.

At all levels of government, business or in everyday life from CEO to manager to employee you are like athletes. To be a good athlete you need not only consider time, which is constant, but your energy, which is constantly changing and then be in relationship with it. Once you have defined what boosts your energy you are more equipped to make better choices and decisions on how you wish to move through life with higher efficiency.

Take aways:

  • Knowledge of what boosts and drains their energy
  • Tips and tools to increase their energy 
  • Create a personal action plan and be in relationship with it 
  • Workshop: 3 hours
  • 1 day (content varies with the length)
  • Conference: 1.5 – 2 hours.

(In Europe this workshop can also be presented with a music therapist as a form of energy, which speaks to the inner soul – another voice)

Quote of the Week

  • Fun!!!!

    'Whenever I have a problem, I just start to sing and realize that my voice is much worse than my problem'.

    Not sure who said this.