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Kevin Cottam: Motivational Speaker

About Kevin Cottam: Leadership Coach

Kevin Cottam, PCC, BSc.
Creative Director of CPMI

Performance Mastery Coach, Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Author

Guerrilla Pictures, Brussels, Belgium – Alan Ward interviews Kevin Cottam in short documentary series ‘Talking Heads, Dissenting Voices’

‘Unique. Fresh. A great listener! You bring a completely non-business perspective to a business environment.’
Bill Baker, Chief Strategic Officer, Envisioning+Storytelling, Vancouver, Canada.


Whether I am directing a large creative project such as the Calgary Olympic Games Closing Ceremonies or coaching an executive on challenging subject or speaking at an event on the mind body soul connection, my worlds are seamlessly interconnected to inspire performance excellence.

TEDx speech:

Kevin, a TEDx Speaker, is a Canadian based in Singapore. He believes that we are all performers. To reach high performance excellence and mastery we need to focus on aligning and balancing our Mind Body and Soul which contains all states and roles that we undertake as a performer in life and organizations.

His thirty plus years history of working as an elite Figure Skating Coach, director of large productions, and choreographer to National, World and Olympic Champions (e.g. Kurt Browning, Kristi Yamaguchi, Yuka Sato, Elizabeth Manley), entertainers and corporate executives defines the eclectic and unique direction of his work as a creator, performance mastery coach and motivational speaker. Kevin’s passion, knowledge and focus inspires individuals, teams and organizations to achieve balance, excellence and success by performing to their creative and innovative best.

‘You have a creative approach to tough challenges. You really get individuals working together as a team which is the bottom line when hiring a coach for teamwork.‘
Diogo Assis, Managing Director, TLC – Events in Portugal, Lisbon Portugal

Kevin Today

For the past ten years, Kevin has been integrating and leveraging his knowledge and history to coach individuals and executives as well as create public and private sector programs in Performance and Creativity Development, Presentation Skills, Communication, Energy and Stress Management, Leadership and Team Building and Sales (emotional and social intelligence)

He is an Associate Coach and Trainer with Cegos Asia Pacific/Global and BICK (consortium contractor for the European Institutions). He also collaborates with other training companies on a project by project basis.

‘Your seminars take unexpected directions and are full of surprises, but one does not fear this unknown territory – you easily make people go with the flow and trust you.’
Betsy Torneden, Director Strategic Business Development, tmf Munich

Kevin’s Past

‘It has been my experience that communication within a creative group of individuals can be a stressful, ego centered and emotionally draining event. Kevin has the ability to tame the frustrated ego and make every member of the team feel empowered to rise above personal limitations to a common goal.‘
Simone Alexander, Choreographer, Denver, Colorado


Besides growing up at a Champion Figure Skating Ice Dancer and then progressing to being a Choreographer for Champion Figure Skaters and Synchronized Swimmers, he brings a unique perspective of the processes and diligence it takes to stimulate performance, creativity and innovation; energize and motivates individuals and teams working towards a singular goal while holding onto the Big Picture. His career encompasses some of the following achievements through creating, directing and choreographing large sporting productions –

  • Closing Ceremonies ’88 Olympic Games
  • Holiday on Ice Productions – ‘Energia’ and ‘Xotika’
  • 2001 IAAF World Athletic Championships Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • Disney on Ice, Disney 15 (longest running DOI show)
  • World Expo, Seoul Korea – ‘Constant Human Change’ (skating show of Canadian Champions)
  • National Ice Theatre of Canada (founder and Director) – ‘A Midsummer’s Night Ice Dream’
  • Award winning TV Skating Specials – ‘Tall in the Saddle’, ‘Midsummer’s Night Ice Dream’, The Trial of Red Riding Hood’
  • Gemini and multi – Award winning Short Dance Filmmaker

Kevin is also the author of an inspiring compilation of 27 personal stories of learning called ‘Aha, Mother’s Pearls’.

Video of Short Reading of my book:

Motivational Speaker

His speaking has taken him to global destinations such as Brussels, Monte Carlo, Copenhagen, Amman, Dubai, Dallas, Vancouver, Montreal, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Singapore… for conferences, trade shows, and not for profit engagements. The topics center around Creativity, Innovation and Performance which all have to do with focusing on developing the right Mind, Body and Soul set’s.