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Creative Performance Mastery International

Creativity & Performance Training

‘All the world is a Stage.’ – William Shakespeare



Creative Performance Mastery International Pte Ltd


Creativity & Performance Training


First and foremost, at CPMI, we see you all as values based humans having human experiences in a variety of different roles. CPMI believes that whether you are an individual, a team or a whole organization ‘Creating Performance Excellence starts Within’. This means that the opportunity for creation and performance starts from inside the seed of an idea or thought of a person, team or an organization. It then grows and blossoms with the assistance of business systems, knowledge as well as soft and hard skills leading to successful solutions. These are all focused around your priority values.

CPMI is a Global Learning and Development company whose sole purpose is to holistically bring the potential jewel out of individuals, teams and organizations, in order that they can uniquely perform creatively while communicating and leading authentically around a common narrative. In doing so, you will then create productive, effective and mindful strategic business solutions that make a difference in people’s lives. We create this through learning, practicing and taking focused action.

‘Kevin possesses that unique, innate, and uncanny ability to help participants discover the spark in themselves; he merely spreads open the canvas of possibilities, and enables the uniqueness of each participant to paint a picturesque of endless possibilities.’
Collin Ong, Fragrance Sales, PT. Givaudan Indonesia


  • Creativity and Performance of which is all about Communication
  • Developing the whole human being whether that be individually or in teams
  • Discovering the Mind Body Soul Set of the individuals, teams and organizations in collaboration with their stakeholders and clients.
  • Creating powerful strategic solutions that empower collaboration between businesses and clients
  • Mindful leadership and salesmanship practices
  • Encouraging organizations to develop their ‘Story’ or ‘Narrative’ and link this to all systems in your organization
  • Understanding that all life and business is made up of Energy
  • Believing that all humans are performers experiencing multiple roles in their life
  • The ‘CLICS’ process – Connect Listen Inspire Create Service
  • Mastery in life and work processes


Creative Performance Mastery International Pte Ltd is a Singapore incorporated (2012) company owned by Kevin Cottam, Creative Director.