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Aha Mother’s Pearls

Self-Help Book For Personal Development


Self-Help Book For Personal Development

Brief Synopsis

Aha, Mother’s Pearls is collection of 27 pearls / chapters of Kevin Cottam’s autobiographical ‘aha’ moments of realization. The book is an intriguing, universal and reachable body, mind, soul / Self-help book. Each colourful and descriptive ‘pearl’ such as Patience, Mirror, Truth, Honesty or Respect has a different cultural flavour, that takes place in a different ‘oyster’ or city or country worldwide. It may be a book of Kevin’s personal voyage of learning and celebration in life’s lessons, but it is, moreover, meant to be a catalyst book to encourage people to discover and reflect on their own pearls or aha moments, their own stories in life, and their own lessons.



  • Sold Also at Major Singapore Bookstores
  • Publisher:Creative Performance Mastery International Pte Ltd
  • Original Title:Mother’s Pearls, 27 Aha Moments of Realization
  • 2 editions:2008/2012
  • ISBN #:paperbook – 978-981-07-2242-5
  • ISBN #:ebook – 978-981-07-2244-9
  • Author:Kevin J Cottam
  • Editor:Gordon Thomas
  • Cover Designer:Cory Wright
  • Interior Designer:Julius Kiskis
  • Cover Picture:Bojan Tercon
  • Language:English


Countries sold:

Copies exist in over 25 countries and 5 continents – Singapore, Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France, Switzerland, England, South Africa, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and more…